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As we journey hard each day,

With our pack of burdens to bear;

We search and pray to find our way,

to salvation from death's evil snare.

For years we travel rough terrain,

With many storms to endure;

To no gain we fight with pain,

Searching for our poor souls' one cure.

Then one day, as this treasure we seek,

Our hearts leap with joy divine;

For just behind a mountain peak,

The sun on our treasure does shine.

Its rays illumine a cross alone,

Nothing more than a rough-hewn tree;

But it testifies of the one who does atone,

A sinner's sin and sets him free.

To the world this treasure may shout,

Death, rejection and desolation;

To spectators it casts a shadow of doubt,

Is this really the answer to redemption?

This accursed symbol,

Evokes a feeling of fear;

The cross a picture of hell,

To many people does appear.

But the cross is more than it does seem,

To a lost sinner and his deathly case;

A story is carved in this wooden beam,

A story of love and of grace.

For on this cross, the lamb of God was slain,

His blood spilled for every nation;

He endured a death of cruelty and pain,

To bring to earth salvation.

A picture of hell turned into heaven's gift,

As a ransom for our sin was made;

God our sin's burdens does now lift,

For our charges have been fully paid.

Do you too travel hard each day?,

Searching for a pardon from sin?

Do you not know the way?,

To be made whole and clean within?

Turn to the cross, my friend,

And accept God's gift so heavenly;

For forgiveness and love the cross does lend,

And from death it will set you free.

Like that barren cross was I,

Dead in my trespasses and sin;

But then Christ for me did die,

Offering me life within.

Now I am a new creation,

renewed in my father's love;

For because of His gift of salvation,

I will soon live with Him above.

Only God can take our sin's ugliness,

And nail it to the cross with His hand;

For a symbol of love and forgiveness,

The cross today does stand.

The cross to a hurting world calls out,

Through the years it rings true;

Its wooden beams echo with a shout,

As our father tells us "I love you."

 So whatever I gain, whatever my loss,

Whatever joy this life may bring;

I'll lay it all down at the foot of the cross,

And glorify Christ, my king.

While I live on earth each day,

Taking up my cross, Christ I'll follow;

I'll carry it through life's narrow way,

So others, God's mercy, might know.

For it is through Christ's death, I now live,

Through His resurrection I am free;

Everything I have to Him I'll give,

Only in the cross will I glory.

By Rachel Ambat


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