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The School Of Life by Rachel Ambat is one of those books I will treasure for a long time. I received a copy of this book as a gift and I love it. Rachel Ambat writes about real-life issues of kindness, gentleness, thankfulness, honesty, controlling our tongue, and not jumping to conclusions, among other things. She shares spiritual truths with deep insight, using language that young children can understand. The message is clear and concise, written in an entertaining style. This is one of those books that I can happily give away as gifts. What a wonderful treasure to share with others! -- Avery

"This is a splendid book! I love how each character is so different and real--I can almost hear their voices in my head as I read! Rachel has a lovely writing voice! What's even more wonderful is the subject of the book! I REALLY love how each chapter starts out with a Bible verse and then goes on to work that out in the lives of the students in Miss Jane's class! Truly lovely! It reminds me of how my family used to read books together before bed when I was a kid! Great read!" - Amazon customer


Author's note

Hello, my dear friend! Welcome to the School of Life! It is my heart's desire that through the course of this book, you will draw closer to our Heavenly Father and know how much He loves you. Jesus loves you so much that He was willing to die on the cross for you so that you could live eternally with Him. I pray that you will take with you a special lesson from each story that can only be taught in the School of Life. I am so delighted that you have chosen to embark on this special journey with me, and I hope that you will be blessed.
Are you ready to get started? Let's begin and read a story that happened long ago and continues to happen today.
With love and prayers for you, my little friend.

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