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"Wow! Upon finishing this book I feel the warm glow of a well told, satisfying story! Character arcs are believable and detailed, literary elements are awesome! I love it. I would love for my girls to read it!"

--Mrs. Julie Neal

"This book is filled with wonderful stories with great Christian values! Rachel Ambat is a great author!  After reading the first book, The School of Life, I couldn’t wait for the second book to be published! The second book did not disappoint me at all!  I like how each character in the book is different and special in their own way, and each one learns different lessons.

I really LOVED and ENJOYED this book so much!"

-- Gracelyn (10 years old)

"I’m usually very picky when it comes to choosing what to read but I’d recommend 'The School of Life' and its sequel' A Workmanship of Love' to anyone in a heart beat! They are undoubtedly two of the few good books out there. Rachel Ambat explains Biblical truths in an easy way for young readers to understand. Each character in the book is very relatable and so likable. The lessons they learn on forgiveness, telling the truth, loving their neighbor, and many others are written in an exquisite and fascinating way. You’ll find yourself immersed in Grace Meadows in no time."

-- Annelisa(13 years old)



I am so excited to share my latest work, A Workmanship of Love, with you. This is the sequel to The School of Life, and it follows the adventures of the characters introduced in its predecessor. But if you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on my first book, don’t worry! A Workmanship of Love makes for a great stand-alone read. And if you have read the first book and loved the characters in it, you’ll fall even more in love with them now! Their personalities shine through, and you’ll get to know them even better. This book is great for kids who love to read! It contains a bit of humor, enjoyable plot twists, a touch of mystery, and a satisfying ending. For those who love a good story, A Workmanship of Love will grab your attention and hopefully elicit a few laughs along the way!

My goal in writing this book was to convey our value in Christ and the true calling of a Christian in the light of his identity. The book focuses on the reason Christians are called to walk a certain way. It focuses on not just ‘doing’ but ‘being,’ and continually displays how we can let our knowledge of who we are in Jesus influence the way we live. This overarching storyline is supported by the exploration of several topics: what it looks like to have the serving heart of Jesus; the importance of valuing every person as one created in God’s image; the joy-filled reason for living a life of humility; the wonder of a Christian’s salvation and conversion; and so much more!

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading A Workmanship of Love as I had writing it!

Book length: 10 chapters, 212 pages

Recommended age group: 8+ yrs.

P.S. If you like to color or have younger siblings who do, AWOL coloring pages are available for purchase. Check out Emily Reich's website  

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